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Booking Your Session

It isn't just a session; it's an experience. 

When you book with me, we will brainstorm together the vision for your session. Whether it is a field of wildflowers or the beach at sunset, we will find the perfect setting. But even more important than the backdrop for your session is the piece that everyone dreads: styling. Luckily, I've made this aspect easy for you. Not only am I here to help every step of the way, I include a styling service in each photo package. I subscribe to a service called 'Style and Select' which generates pattern, colors and actual pieces to put together for your session! It includes links to buy, or you can do your own shopping / pulling from your closet to put together your family's look. 

After many conversations about your shoot, we will finally meet on the session day. What can you expect from me? Gentle direction and posing prompts and a child-led flow. If you have little ones, we let them direct the shoot. I never push children to do something they don't want to do. And oftentimes, what they're doing naturally is WAY better to document! My sessions feel "easy" and everyone is pleasantly surprised how low-stress it really is. I also document your family just being "you" and this is where storytelling comes into the picture. I document the way your daughter looks into your eyes and the precious handhold from your toddler. All of those fleeting, tiny moments that make up your family story. If this sounds like a good fit, then please reach out and let's dream up your session!

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